About Us

ICE-Cloud is a whole new way of selling virtual products like prepaid cellular airtime and electricity. Imagine a world where customers no longer have to stand in queues at places like shops or autotellers to buy airtime and other virtual products. A world where salespeople take their offerings to where their customers congregate, and sell them to them right there, anywhere, anytime. ICE-Cloud has turned this dream into a reality. Any approved ICE-Cloud partner with one of our range of POS devices loaded with our free software can make a good return selling a growing range of airtime and electricity products directly to their customers.


ICE-Cloud is a subsidiary of Van Zyl and Pritchard (Pty) Ltd, more commonly known as VZAP. VZAP was established in 1975, and has been a household name in the selection, training and placement of generic computer programmers ever since. In recent years VZAP has diversified its activities, and these now include bespoke and speculative software development, of which ICE-Cloud is but one example. We believe in quality in whatever we do. We invite you to join us on that journey.


ICE-Cloud are always looking for new Partners who want to earn a good income selling our range of virtual products without the risk of losing vouchers. Here's how it works. We buy large volumes of virtual products like cellular airtime direct from the suppliers and sell it on to you at an attractive discount. You in turn allow your Vendors to sell the products on to their Customers. They can either issue them with PIN Numbers, or deliver the product electronically. Your credit balance with us remains in a trust account until you decide to use it, and our systems are rock-solid.

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